Avoid hassle at the airport

We are all fully aware that security at airports and when taking flights is a very necessary part of holiday and business travel. Now that security is being stepped up further due to a terror warning in the United States travellers have to prepare themselves for further delay at check in but there are some ways in which you can make the situation slightly more bearable.

The first thing that we have to say is that you should absolutely ensure that all your electronic devices are fully charged before you leave home and it would be wise to have them switched off whilst travelling and at the airport.

Weekends are a busy time and if it is possible to travel outside of them it will be better for you. Now that most, if not all airlines and travel companies allow online booking and printing of boarding cards, doing this will ease your time in the airport. Fast track through security for around £3 can prevent frustration in the snaking line of stressful passengers.

Whenever it is possible and particularly if you have had a long journey to the airport with young children, book a lounge, it may cost you a few pounds but it could prove to be money well spent. Airport security checks are an absolute necessity and as travellers we just have to make the best we can of them.

Airport securityPicture: redjar

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