Staying in holiday villas

A holiday villa is a type of rental apartment with a living space and a kitchen. Holiday villas are quite popular in Europe and can prove to be a more cost-effective option than hotels, especially for those travelling in groups or for longer periods.

Advantages of holiday villas

Holiday villas tend to be cheaper than hotels in terms of per-person accommodation costs. This is especially true in expensive cities, where one is staying for several nights. One can also make significant savings on meals since it is possible to cook one’s own meals rather than go to eat at restaurants. Villas also offer more privacy and more space than hotels. They may also have certain facilities such as private swimming pools not available at some hotels. Holiday villas are usually owned and operated by locals so one is more closely exposed to the local culture. One can also get tips on places to visit that are not on the usual tourist route.

Disadvantages of holiday villas

Holiday villas are not as numerous or as easy to locate as hotels. Many villas require guests to stay there for a minimum of one week, which can hamper the flexibility of the traveller’s itinerary. Getting to the villas is usually more complicated as they are often not located near airports or bus stations. It is usually more expensive for just one or two persons to stay at a villa rather than at a hotel.

All in all, renting a holiday villa can be a good option for those wishing to cut down on costs and who wish to enjoy a more homely accommodation experience.

Finding an Ideal Holiday Apartment

A holiday apartment is a good alternative to hotels, with many being more reasonably-priced than the average hotel.  These apartments are generally in close proximity to attractions and public transit.  They also feature full kitchen facilities, allowing travellers to prepare their own meals and save on dining costs.

How to Locate Available Apartments

Some holiday apartment owners may list available units in your local newspaper.  This is usually a good way to find a unit with a British owner whom you can meet with easily.  You can also find listings on online classified sites, as well as sites that exclusively list holiday apartments.  A qualified,UK based estate agent can help you in the process.

Determining Your Needs

Some important considerations in choosing an apartment include location, size and amenities.  It is helpful to have a unit close to favourite attractions.  It should be large enough for your travelling party, whilst adhering to maximum capacity limits.  It is also a good idea to make sure the amenities suit your party’s needs.

What to Look For

Always look for listings that provide detailed descriptions as well as photos.  Vague descriptions or insufficient pictures may not give you a good idea of what you will be renting.  Whenever possible, a holiday apartment should be visited in advance.  The owner or agent should be easy to contact and provide prompt answers to any questions that the prospective tenant has about the property.  It may be wise to avoid property owners who are difficult to reach or who offer poor communication.

Renting Out a Holiday Apartment

Renting out your holiday apartment can be a good way to make extra income. A few simple tips will make this a relatively trouble free experience.

First of all, make sure the interior decoration is simple and clutter free.  Holidaymakers don’t want to feel like they are in somebody’s actual home so remove all personal possessions.  Rental agreements and information should be very clear, include things like the arrival and departure times and whether you allow pets or smoking inside the property.  Tell your guests where to put their rubbish.

A brochure of the area is welcomed by holidaymakers. Include information on the best restaurants and places of interest as well as the emergency telephone numbers of you or your agent. Give directions to the nearest, supermarket, chemist and hospital. You may want to add a welcome letter and a visitor book.

State in your advertising whether you supply towels and bed linen. Leave books, board games and a few magazines in case of bad weather.

Ask for a security deposit and be sure to return it quickly after you have inspected the property for damage. You should provide a cleaning service every week and when the property is vacated. A thorough clean must be done before the beginning of the new season. It is nice to leave rubbish bags, paper towels, cleaning products and toilet paper. If you live near the property you can do the jobs like cutting the grass and the cleaning, otherwise these will have to be paid for and will cut into your profits. Maintenance and upkeep and regular utilities will also reduce your profits.

Home Away From Home – Holiday Cottages in England

While one of the main reasons for taking a holiday is to have a change from your day-to-day life, for some the pressures of staying in a traditional holiday accommodation environment, such as a hotel or bed and breakfast, can simply add stresses that reduce their enjoyment of their time away.  If you fall into this category one of the best options is to consider taking a break in one of the many holiday cottages in England.

Choosing a getaway to a rental property can help take the stress and strain out of holidays, allowing you to tailor your time away to suit your own tastes.  By taking a break at one of the beautiful holiday rentals that are available on the internet or from your local travel agent, you can set your own schedule.  For example, it is you who decides when to get up, without being at the mercy of the morning housekeeping call so common in hotels.  You eat when you are hungry rather than being tied to the set serving times of a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Holiday cottages in England are a great choice of destination for families or for anyone with pets, as no one need be left behind; many holiday rentals will take pets by prior arrangement.  When travelling with young children or pets, the familiar routines can be easily recreated, avoiding the disruption that often results when spending time away from home.

With holiday rentals being available in a diverse selection of surroundings, from isolated idylls to seaside settings, there is sure to be something to suit everyone.