Further Education and Student Visas for Australia

Hundreds of thousands of student travel to Australia to study each year and it is important to apply for the right visa before travelling to the country. There are two types of visa for further education studies in Australia, these are listed below:

Higher Education Visas – Subclass 573

This visa caters for students that want to study for a Bachelors’ degree or Graduate Diploma; it also covers those wishing to study a Graduate Certificate or Associate Degree.

Postgraduate Visa – Subclass 573

A Postgraduate Visa or Postgraduate Research Visa is designed for those who are studying a Masters’ degree or PhD.

Applying for the right visa is crucial, as any wrong paperwork can cause problems and might mean that you can’t enter Australia at all.

Benefits of an Australian Student Visa

Student visas also offer a range of benefits, including being able to work full-time during study holidays and in between semesters.

In most cases a student visa can be granted up to 12 weeks before the course starts, giving you an opportunity to visit the country and do some sightseeing or take a relaxing vacation before you start work.

Australian Student Visa Requirements

To be eligible for an Australian student visa a prospective student must be proficient in the English language, be in good health and have no outstanding debts. They must have the relevant qualifications to fulfil the requirements of the course.

Students must also be able to support themselves and any other dependents financially throughout the duration of their studies.

Thinking of applying for a student visa but don’t know where to get started? Thankfully there are a range of companies that specialise in helping people apply for visas such as IXPVisas.com. The Australian Immigration website also has some useful information for those who want to study in Australia.

Picture: Kahunapule Michael Johnson